Total Youth Facial

Total Youth Fundamental Anti-Ageing

jde-cabine-3Total Youth professional treatment is an association of powerful formula with specific modelling techniques, for younger skin for a longer time.

The benefits of this treatment:

  • Peeling with fruit acids: clears cells of their impurities and prepares skin to receive the active ingredients that extend cell life.
  • Eye serum and the new modelling mask immediately produce a powerful lifting effect.

This treatment renovates radiance spectacularly and is for all ages and all skin types.

Result: the skin texture is refined, the complexion evened out and wrinkles erased. It visibly reduces the signs of ageing.

A range of anti-ageing treatments with biotech formulations combining new active ingredients to protect cells, intensify their activity and prolong their life. Total Youth is for all types of skin, even delicate and fragile and is effective at any age!

It maintains your Youthfulness.

Total Youth is the pre-treatment for any Jean d’Estrees professional anti-ageing treatment.

We are at the heart of Jean d’Estrees anti-ageing!


75 Minutes £170.00