Reparation (Marine Facial)

Repair, Firmness and Elasticity

Over time, external aggressions and biological rhythm variations accelerate the ageing of the skin: wrinkles appear, the skin thins, relaxes and becomes less elastic.


The ideal treatment to restore skin elasticity and firmness in a record time. It preserves firmness and tone of the skin by stimulating cell cohesion and collagen synthesis. It restores the structure of the collagen bundles.

The benefits of this anti-ageing lifting treatment:

The double enzymatic and mechanical scrub allows the active ingredients to penetrate completely and plump the skin. The restructuring massage visibly smoothes the facial features

At the heart of the formulas: Hyalur’complex Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

  • Improves the skin’s biodynamic properties: Firmness / moisturizing

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid

  • Forms a ‘protective’ film which limits dehydration and plumps the skin

Ursolic acid (Duboisia extract – a plant from Australia):

  • Restores the structure of the collagen bundles.

Micro-Emulsion E:

  • 3 Fights against free radicals.


75 Minutes £155.00