How to Make Your Moles Appear Smaller

Most of us have our insecurities, be it the size of our noses, a little extra weight around the middle or, in some cases a mole. In an era where self-improving is the norm, it might be hard to know exactly where to go to get the results you want. However, there are numerous ways to see a difference and, as a direct result, make your moles appear smaller.


See Your Doctor


Although the chances are that your mole is benign, before attempting to reduce the appearance of your mole it is important to get it checked out. By doing so, you can put your mind at ease and be able to look into treatments without any negativity. A quick and straightforward appointment at your local doctors or dermatologist will make the following steps a lot easier.




Makeup is arguably the easiest, though most short-term of the answers. Many foundations offer a basic coverage of the mole and, when combined with concealer, the appearance of the mole will be reduced, in particular with a makeup of the heavier variety. If you choose a concealer with yellow, green, or purple undertones, it will help in getting the mole to blend in. However, as many of us know, makeup tends to fade away as the day goes on which can mean the coverage is short lived. All this said, for a quick and simple coverage, perhaps for a special occasion, makeup can work wonders.




This entirely depends on whereabouts on your body the mole is. If your mole is on your face, it might be harder to hide than, say, a mole on your neck which can be hidden by a scarf or a top with a high neck. Again, although your mole may be hidden, this approach may not be overly practical in the warmer seasons or when you’re in a hotter climate. It’s a quick fix, but not a long term one.


Mole Removal – The Initial Steps


Although this might sound intimidating, mole removal is a quick and common procedure. As long as you go to an acknowledged practice with a history of mole removal, it only takes a few simple steps. This is where we at the Belgravia Clinic come in. Make sure that you bring a doctor’s note as evidence that the mole is entirely benign, and then you can undergo advanced electrolysis with us. In a fifteen-minute treatment, a needle is placed into the area, and a current runs through, inevitably leading to the mole decreasing. Your mole will scab over, continue to shrink, and eventually will come away.


Mole Removal – The Aftercare


We can’t emphasise the importance of aftercare enough when it comes to mole removal. To make sure the mole does not return, there are a few things that you can do. This includes exfoliating the skin, avoiding thick and heavy makeup, and keeping away from the oilier products. Keeping the area clean will massively help you in making sure your mole doesn’t make another appearance.

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