Colin Henshaw and Biomechanical Osteopathy

  • Traditional Osteopath
  • Specialises in Biomechanical Osteopathy
  • Sports Injury Prevention Programmes
  • Relieve and Resolve Muscle Aches
  • Physical Muscle Tone Integrity
  • Combination of Mobilisation and Fascial Techniques
  • Treats Strains and Injuries
  • Postural Pain
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Sports Training
  • Pregnancy Related Postural Pain

Colin is a pioneer of biomechanical osteopathy – A blend of modern and traditional techniques with an osteopathic approach which focuses not only on the treatment of the immediate physical injury, but also on the achievement of the optimal biomechanical set-up of an individual’s musculoskeletal system. Colin has wealth of experience and has treated clients from his practice at the Queens Club and at Belgravia Cosmetic Clinic based in Sloane Square as well as the famous medical district of Harley Street – he has for sure made a firm place in the world of osteopathy treating patients from around the world and London as well as royals and celebrities.

Osteopaths who work in the field of ‘optimal biomechanics’ need simultaneously to consider both the alignment of bones and joints and the tension of deep connective tissue(s) that hold the skeleton together. Whilst a traditional osteopathic intervention will often relieve symptoms by freeing a joint, that may have limited benefit if there is unresolved damage (and distortion) in the deep connective tissue(s), which is having the effect of pulling the body slightly out of position and causing the recurrence of injury.

Enriched with experience over the years Colin has defined and delineated a conceptual view of biomechanical osteopathy on his reference website The inspiration behind his work is John Meffan – osteopath, mentor and friend (deceased September 2012). John taught osteopathy as a holistic health-care medium in which treatment is based on the premise that the whole body should be considered and treated (as necessary), and not just the presenting complaint.

In over 30 years of osteopathic practice Colin has striven to learn about, refine and enhance John’s philosophy, resulting in a practice that specialises in treating top-flight athletes and professional sports people. Colin specialises in deep fascial techniques to release tensions at points of focal fascial binding and reciprocal-tension ligamentous techniques to restore ligamentous articular balance to joints. It is within the realm of these ‘more specialised’ connective tissue treatment methods that the most notable gains towards optimal biomechanics can often be found. Colin has produced an osteopathic treatise on the role of biomechanical osteopathy in the career of a dedicated athlete & professional sportsperson.

Price List

Consultation £50
1 Treatment (based on 30 minutes) £80
1 Treatment (based on 60 minutes) £135
6 Treatments (based on 30 minutes) £400
12 Treatments (based on 60 minutes) £1300
Advice on Nutrition and Posture (based on 60 minutes) £100

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