Mole Removal

Advanced Electrolysis is an effective way to remove moles and blemishes. Once the mole has been checked out medically (as we need to establish it is benign) a minute, sterile needle is then introduced to the area. We introduce energy/current direct to the area which is repeated several times during the treatment, this causes the mole to perish. The mole will then shrink in size and form a scab (this will naturally fall off in about 10 days). The area needs to be kept clean and dry (after care is very important). Unlike some methods of mole removal, scaring is rare making this a perfect procedure for facial moles.


1 Treatment (15 minutes) £80.00

Please Note:

  • We do require a doctor’s letter for the mole removal site to say that the mole is safe to remove.
  • Sometimes 2 or 3 treatments may be needed, especially for larger moles.


Milia Removal

How do I prevent them coming back?

Once you have undergone successful milia treatment and have them under control, there are a few things we would recommend you use/do to stop them from recurring;

Exfoliate: regular exfoliation is the most effective way to prevent milia.

Avoid thick, oily products: these can make it easier for dead skin cells to get stuck and prevent them from being properly sloughed off.

Keep make-up light: again thick make-up can make dead skin cells become trapped so it is best to avoid thick layers of make-up and instead keep it light. In addition always remove make-up thoroughly at the end of the day.


15 minutes £80.00