LPG Endermolift

Endermolift : non-aggressive and effective anti-aging cellular stimulation
LPG has developed a 100% natural, anti-aging ENDERMOLIFT technique for men and women of all ages. This technique replenishes the skin and attenuates the signs of aging, leaving your face looking radiant and rejuvenated.

Endermolift : a technique for men and women of all ages
Safely and sustainably tap into your skin’s rejuvenation potential.
An effective anti-aging solution that is both non-aggressive and 100% natural.
The right balance between alternative medicine techniques that are too ineffective and techniques that are too aggressive and risky.
Optimize the results of a cosmetic procedure (Botox, dermal fillers, facelift, peelings, mesotherapy, etc.) and prevent side effects.
A radiant face at any age.
Keep your face in shape, like you do with your body (“skin fitness”).
*Works at different depths of the skin thanks to sequential suction. Targeted cellular stimulation thanks to variable LIFT pulse speeds.

Densifying Anti-Wrinkle LPG Endermolift -£75
A natural lifting effect: fills in wrinkles and smoothes the skin.
Duration: 30 minutes

Cellular Regeneration LPG Endermolift including Facial-£90
Tones and lifts facial muscles, Revives tired, dull complexions.
Duration: 60 minutes