3 Of Our Best Slimming Treatments

“I don’t have time” is probably one of the most common excuses when it comes to losing weight. Whether your time constraint is self-imposed or inflicted upon you from a hectic career and family life, the way we live today is frenzied. The pressure is on, and, despite how well you’re balancing the business, the brood and the beloved, you also need to focus on how you look.


Perhaps one of the biggest issues women face with their bodies is their weight. At Belgravia Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a range of slimming treatments designed to help you achieve the body you crave – whether that’s for an important social occasion, or just to feel good in your skin. Below, we’ve rounded up three of our favourites for you to consider.


CoolTech® Fat Freezing


With the ability to remove fat from the body safely and painlessly, the CoolTech® Fat Freezi is one of our most popular. This advanced treatment uses body contouring technology which lowers your body fat temperature to -7°C, destroying the fat cells without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue.


The treatment has been clinically tested and approved for medical use, and after a sixty-minute session, you should be able to see a reduction in your body fat. The treatment offers dramatic and permanent results and requires no recovery time, pain, surgery or aesthetic.


VelaShape® Body Contouring


Our VelaShape® body contouring treatment was designed to reduce the trouble spots that your dieting and exercise just can’t reach. Designed for patients with a BMI of less than 30, you can use this treatment to focus on your neck, arms, thighs, buttocks, flank and abdomen.


Typically completed over three sessions, the VelaShape® treatment can provide dramatic results – without any of the unnecessary downtime or significant discomfort associated with some of the more invasive techniques and weight-loss surgeries.


T Shape Body Contouring


This body contouring and face lifting technique was designed to reduce the size of your body’s fat cells significantly. Using radio frequency waves to deliver thermal energy to your skin, the T Shape treatment also uses a vacuum and low-level laser to increase blood circulation, even out the skin and liquefy fat for easy removal.


The T Shape treatment works for fat and cellulite reduction, as well as body remodelling, reshaping, tightening and lifting. What’s more, the treatment can be adapted for face lift firming, allowing you to get a non-invasive facelift while eliminating fat cells at the same time.


There you have it – three of our most popular slimming treatments. All of our treatments are non-invasive and require virtually no recovery time, allowing you to spend more time looking great and showing off your slimmer figure.


If you’d like to find out more about our treatments or get in touch to book an appointment with Belgravia Cosmetic Clinic, just click here to contact us. Our expert team is on hand throughout the week to offer assistance and help you find the ideal treatment.



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